1st March 2015 (Sam Mawhinney, Psalm 122)

29th march 2015 (Palm Sunday Sam Mawhinney)

8th March 2015 (Sam Mawhinney Psalm 123)

15th March 2015 (Sam Mawhinney Psalm 124)

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Welcome to Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church at the heart of Dublin City. Our Church family has determined to "Stay and Share" with the Communities on our doorstep the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord . Our building with its historic frontage has been completely rebuilt and designed for purpose in the 21st Century. We seek to be a place of Welcome and a place where Gods Word is heard and to be involved in Mission of Speaking and Doing.

Everyone is welcome to our Sunday services and we hope you will browse and explore Who and What we are and do.

Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church


Encouraged by the passage Acts 2:41 (when the Holy Spirit descended in Jerusalem 50 days after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, 3,000 were added to the church's number!) our own elders have identified 5 priorities for ministry within Adelaide Road congregation and Dublin in the 21st Century.

The early church, comprising people from every conceivable nation and language (Acts 2:8-11), born by the Holy Spirit's breath, displayed the desire to WORSHIP (praising God, v. 47). They devoted themselves to God's WORD (the apostle's teaching, v. 42). They gave a WELCOME to those not yet part of the group (they ate together with glad and sincere hearts, v. 46) and they expressed their new found faith through the twin expressions of WORKS (giving to anyone who had need, v. 45) and WITNESS (the Lord added to their number daily those who where being saved, v. 47).

  • In WORSHIP we seek to honour God with our voices and in our lives.
  • In WELCOME we seek to make outsiders insiders, and strangers friends.
  • In WORD we seek to take the Bible seriously, and obey it.
  • In WITNESS we seek to make Salvation known by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • In WORKS we seek to make the love of Jesus felt in the community.


The congregation meets for worship each Sunday morning at 11am. An evening service is held once monthly at 7pm, on the second Sunday in every month., (not during Summer months) See Welcome Rota for list of Services.

Prayer time on the last Sunday in every month @ 7pm.


A Cafe for all international students who want to meet Irish people and practise their English. Watch this space.


We are located at 18A Adelaide Road, Dublin 2.


Easter 2015 Programme
Easter 2015 Programme here
Mission Plan
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