“The Holy Spirit: Essential For The Church” – Acts 2:1-13

Led by Rev. Sam Mawhinney.

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Welcome & Call to Worship

Opening Hymn: IPH 161 Holy, Holy, Holy

Prayers of Adoration and Confession 

Reading: Acts 2:1-13

Sermon: “The Holy Spirit: Essential For The Church”

Praise: Spirit Of The Living God

Prayers for Others


Closing Hymn: IPH 621 Shine, Jesus, Shine


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Discussion & Application

Imagine yourself in the Upper Room. What strikes you about the experience of the Church in this passage?

Think/share about your personal experience of the Holy Spirit – His presence, His power, His purifying work or His aid in speaking of faith and Jesus.

How can we encourage each other to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us (Eph. 5:18)?