“The Reality of Opposition and the Church’s Response” – Acts 4:1-31

Led by Rev. Sam Mawhinney.

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Welcome & Call to Worship

Opening Hymn: MP 454 Majesty

Prayers of Adoration and Confession 

Reading: Acts 4:1-31

Sermon: “The Reality of Opposition and the Church’s Response”

Praise: IPH 414 Hallelujah! What A Saviour! (Man Of Sorrows)

Prayers for Others


Closing Hymn: O Church, Arise (Arise, Shine)


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Discussion & Application:

Why were the Sadducees so opposed to what Peter and John were doing?

Read Luke 12:11-12; 21:44. What is the promise in these verses? How do you see this promise answered for Peter and John in Acts 4?

What do the Apostles do upon their release and what is the content of their prayer? 

How should we respond when we face opposition to Jesus or our Christian views?