“The Birth of a Deliverer” – Judges 13:1-25

Led by Rev. Sam Mawhinney.

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Welcome & Call to Worship

Opening Hymn: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Prayers of Adoration and Confession 

Lighting of the Advent Candles

Hymn: Joy to the World

Reading: Judges 13:1-25

Sermon: “The Birth of a Deliverer”

Praise: I Will Offer Up My Life

Prayers for Others


Closing Hymn: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


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Discussion Questions:

What was the evil the Israelites did in the sight of the Lord?

What similarities can you trace in Samson’s birth and Jesus’ birth?

Manoah’s wife’s name is never mentioned by anyone in the story. What might be the significance of this?

Manoah is fearful of meeting with God (v.22). Why should we be similarly fearful? What assurance can we have, like Manoah’s wife?