Good Friday service – A reflection of readings on the final hours of Jesus life

Led by Rev. Sam Mawhinney


Praise: IPH 414 Man of sorrows what a name

Reading: Luke Ch 22:39-46 Jesus prays in Gethsemane.


Reading: Luke 22:47-53 Jesus arrested.

Praise: IPH 402 Here is love vast as the ocean

Reading: Luke 22:54-62 Jesus disowned by Peter.

Silent Reflection

Reading: Luke 22:63-65 Jesus mocked by the soldiers.

Praise:  IPH 427 When I survey

Reading: Luke 22:66-23:25 Jesus on trial

Spoken Reflection

Reading: Luke 23:26-43 Jesus is crucified.

Praise: IPH 407 How deep the fathers love for us

Reading: Luke 23:43-49 Jesus dies.