“Stephen” – Acts 6:8-8:1a

As we return to our study of Acts, we begin with the seizure of Stephen, his speech before the Sanhedrin, and their stoning of him as the Spirit sets in motion the next stage of the Church’s witness. Led by Rev. Sam Mawhinney.

“Hope At Easter” – Moderator’s Service

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples as they were locked behind closed doors. His words to them speak to us today as we face new and uncertain things in our lives, our nation and our world. Led by PCI Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Dr. David Bruce.

“Walking With Jesus: The Road To Emmaus” – Luke 24:13-35

A life of following Jesus, of enjoying and growing in a relationship with God, is often described as a walk. This Easter, we join two disciples on the road to Emmaus as they wrestle with their doubts about Jesus and the resurrection. Led by Rev. Sam Mawhinney.